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Upper Mississippi
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    The Mississippi river leaves Arkansas behind just south of the thirty-third degree of north latitude and, for about 175 miles (much more by the meandering path of the channel, flows between the State of Mississippi to the east and Louisiana to the west. 

    Coming in from the northwest, the Red River joins the Mississippi almost exactly opposite the boundary between Wilkinson County, Mississippi, and West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, on the east bank.  As it move down to its meeting with the Red, the Father of Waters passes Lake Providence, Tallulah, St. Joseph, Vidalia, and the Cocodrie Swamp on the Louisiana side, historic Vicksburg and Natchez on the Mississippi side. 

    After absorbing Red River, the Mississippi flows southeastward, passing Morganza, New Roads, and St. Francisville, some fifty more air-line miles to Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana and the head of ocean navigation.

Northeast Louisiana
The Upper Mississippi River
The Tensas River
Bayou Macon
The Ouachita River
The Black River
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Bayou Dorcheat
Red River
Southwest Louisiana
Sabine River
Calcasieu River
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The Lower Mississippi
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