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Tensas River
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    The Tensas Basin is a flat alluvial plain formed over a period of countless ages by the mighty Mississippi River.  With its northern boundary in Arkansas, the basin extends southern and southwestward to the Black and Ouachita rivers, and westward from the Mississippi to the highlands on the west bank of Bayou Macon. 
    In its long journey to the Gulf of Mexico, the Father of Waters deposited fertile soil, built up natural levees, and dug many channels as it sought new paths to the sea; oxbow-shaped lakes and bayous in the basin were once the main stream of the Mississippi.
Northeast Louisiana
The Upper Mississippi River
The Tensas River
Bayou Macon
The Ouachita River
The Black River
Northwest Louisiana
Bayou Dorcheat
Red River
Southwest Louisiana
Sabine River
Calcasieu River
South Louisiana
Atchafalaya River
Bayou Teche
Bayou LaFourche
Southeast Louisiana
The Lower Mississippi
Pearl  River
Amite  River